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     We also have order forms with us if you      
  decide you want to order one at a tournament!  

Thank you for your recent orders!!
We will have your items at Murray.

Miss out this time? No worries!! Put your order
in and as soon as we get another 12, we'll
get it sent in.  If we have enough at Murray or
the week after, should be enough time
to get the in by the Championship. 

~~~Upcoming Event~~~

October  8, 2016
Lake Murray 

North Ramp
Start Fishing time:   6:45am
Stop Fishing time:   2:45pm
Check in time:   3:00pm
**coming in after check in time results in
disqualification of your catch for the day.**

10" minimum on blacks, smallies & spots

We are requesting you mail in your
entries by September 29, 2016.  

Entries will be taken only Saturday morning
at the North Ramp, please give us a few minutes
to set up once we arrive before rushing in, thanks!!

Have your $$& entry form ready to
help this go faster & smoothly if you do not mail it in. 
Should be at the ramp around 6:15am

Membership & Entry forms are online.  
To speed things up, please have these
printed and filled out when you come to pay.  
Thank You!!

If you call any of us and we do not answer - please leave a message with your name, number and the question you have. You may also text this information.  We've had several missed calls and with no message, we generally do not call back back unknown to us numbers.  Thanks!!!

Membership is $60/year
Forms will be available online or at the ramp
May pay in cash or check (for membership only unless
mailing in entry form, then checks are okay)

Please go to the Rules & forms tab above for Membership Forms.

At the annual meeting, a few changes in the rules took place.

There will be copies of the rules & tournament schedule.

Change #1
Entry fee is $75
$60 is entry fee
$10 is big bass
$5 goes to a fund for the championship for
additional prizes and/or payouts

Change #2
Wording in the rule regarding who is eligible to fish.
Clarify's what an alternate is and when they can fish.
An alternate will not be allowed to fish alone, one of the 
regular team members must be present as well.

Want to make a donation this year?  (It's tax deductible!) Let us know!  
If monetary, please send the check made out to Chickasha Bassmasters by March 1, 2016.
If prizes, please email us so we know what to expect and can plan
for each tournament.

Receipts can be provided for entries or donations.  Just let us know you need
one and we will get it out to you.

Thank you!

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