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                     Long-Sleeve Tee: $25                          
                     Short-Sleeve Tee: $20
 please visit the Rules & Forms tab for an order form 
     We also have order forms with us if you      
  decide you want to order one at a tournament!  

Thank you for your recent orders!!

Miss out this time? No worries!! Put your order
in now!! As soon as we get another 12, we'll
get it sent in.  If we reach 12 items ordered before Thanksgiving, we may be able to get everything by the annual meeting.  

~~~Upcoming Event~~~

Annual Meeting

December 3, 2016
First National Bank & Trust Co
302 w chickasha avenue
chickasha, ok

about 6pm the doors will open.
Bring something for the pot-luck!
CBM will provide water and soda
You may have adult beverages,
you are asked to bring your own.

about 6:30-6:45 the meeting will begin.

OU/OSU is this day, and as of this website update,
no time is listed.  Many of us listen to the end of the
game most of the time in our vehicles when
it is an afternoon start time. 
then we get the meeting going.

Park on the side with the gold covers over the parking.
Entrance is on that side of the building to the room
we use for our meeting.

Must be present and a paid member
to vote on the dates/lakes.
Membership dues can be paid at the meeting
or by mailing in.  
If you cannot attend the meeting,
please send in your memberships by December 15 if
you are able to as this helps out the state federation
with money they get from national level support.

Membership & Entry forms are online.  
To speed things up, please have these
printed and filled out when you come to pay.  
Thank You!!

If you call any of us and we do not answer - please leave a message with your name, number and the question you have. You may also text this information.  We've had several missed calls and with no message, we generally do not call back back unknown to us numbers.  Thanks!!!

Membership is $60/year
Forms will be available online or at the ramp
May pay in cash or check (for membership only unless
mailing in entry form, then checks are okay)

Please go to the Rules & forms tab above for Membership Forms.

At last year's annual meeting, a change that was voted in
was to raise the entry fee by $5 and put this
into a fund for the championship.  

Because of that, we could round up some of the payout,
had drawings for 10 teams!  In total, there was nearly $1100
to be distributed at the Championship!  Awesome!!

Want to make a donation this year?  (It's tax deductible!) Let us know!  
If monetary, please send the check made out to Chickasha Bassmasters by March 1, 2016.
If prizes, please email us so we know what to expect and can plan
for each tournament.

Receipts can be provided for entries or donations.  Just let us know you need
one and we will get it out to you.

Thank you!

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contact us by email: