May/June 2019 update

June 10, 2019


First I want to apologize for the April Murray tournament.  The weigh-in slips were misplaced after my computer crashed.  We did what we thought was fair in the scoring.  If the papers are located, we will update the standings accordingly.  Thank you for your patience with the process!

As you know, the Arkansas River was quite flooded and before the Corps called us, we called them and made the change.  We were able to secure permits for 2 days at Lake Murray as a replacement.  We had a great turnout, so thank you for supporting the move on a less than 2 week notice!!

Tenkiller we are watching as they are releasing limited water since the River is still flooded.  We possibly will swap Tenkiller with McGee Creek, and we will let you know as soon as we know so you can make any changes needed.

Questions?  Please let us know!!