2020.... a new year!

February 05, 2020

Happy New Year!  In February,,,lol

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Fishing season will be soon starting. 

The schedule is updated, still need to get Fort Cobb permit, otherwise all is good!

Rule updates:
   Any bridges are no wake, even if not marked.  No exceptions.
   If more than 5 fish are brought to the scales, largest fish will be culled to get to 5.

A reminder - if your big bass has gone to fish heaven, unfortunately the dead fish penalty will come off the Big Bass weight along with the overall weight.
Just a note - PLEASE USE OUR BAGS!!  We do this to help limit the number of people standing in line and fish in limited water, especially in hot weather.
We do not have tanks to hold them in so we may limit the number of bags that are out to limit the amount of fish needing to be weighed.
Conservation is important to us and keeping the fish as healthy as possible is a priority.  

The officers remain the same, thank you for all the love!  We do the best we can and try to keep this a fun and well run fishing club.  
  Jason - President
  Bryan - Tournament Director
  Lynn - Secretary/Tresurer
    Paul - Lynn's assistant! (sooo much appreciated!!!)

If you are interested in fishing the qualifiers this year, entries need to be to the OBF by March 1, 2020.  Other areas of the OBF website are outdated, however there is a current form here: https://okbass.org/tournament-entry-forms-and-rules/

It is a fun event to fish and even if you don't have aspirations of fishing in the pros, just come fish if you can.  One entry fee for 6 days (3 weekends, listed on our schedule page and on the downloadable schedule.  All the rules and entry info is on the link above.  You MUST be a member of the club to fish these, so if you are interested, please get me you membership ASAP as their first tournament is before ours.

Have a great year, and we will see you soon!!!!!


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