2020-an unusual year

April 27, 2020

So 2020 has been an interesting year.  Weird, crazy, unual, unprecedented and other words people have used to describe the events.  Who knew that are little fishing club would be so affected by all of this.  In Texoma we chose to cancel the tournament due to some information we had received.  It was such short notice that is all we felt we could do.  Thankfully Murray let us fish in April.  Then found out Arbuckle was closed to events.  So on the hunt for a new location and secured McGee Creek.  

a few tidbits about the lakes - 

Texoma - we permit thru Texoma State Park (state), however the Corps of Engineers (federal) has the right to cancel permits as well.  There were multiple tournaments at Texoma that weekend we were to be there.  Slowly one by one they all cancelled.  The Wednesday before, us and one other were the only ones left.  That afternoon the other one cancelled.  In retrospect, we could have held our event because of the wording from the Corps, but we chose to cancel as we didn't want to be overrun by 100 boats.  As fabulous for payout as that would have been, it would have been a nightmare of a weigh-in for us.  The corps is not issueing any new permits until at least mid-may.

Murray - with Lake Murray State Park (state), we had a plan, and I promised them we would do everything we could to keep space between the teams and they seemed okay with that.  They even called to check in on Friday evening to make sure we had plans in place.  We had a couple of options to do a weigh-in, so I hope we did ok.  Most of you behaved, lol.  The distance thing is hard when we are used to hanging out in the vicinity after our fish are weighed.  

Arbuckle - Lake Arbuckle is part of the National Park Service (federal) and is permitted through the Chickasha National Recreation Area.  I received a phone call that all permits were cancelled for several weeks.  No question here, so with any Corps lake out, and there are a lot of them, we contacted McGee Creek (since it's a state park) and were given permission without an issue.  

So much goes on to keep you guys and gals on the water.  We feel like chickens with our heads cut off some days!!  Thank you for sticking with us and not picking on us too much, haha!  

We appreciate all of our members, for without you, we would have this fabulous club to run!

Stay fishing and enjoy your families.


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