Summer 2020

July 12, 2020

So 2020... what a weird year this has been.  Events being cancelled, rescheduled.  Life being paused, systems overwhelmed.  Many of us trying to live a normal life among the pandemic.  

We have tried to keep normal, well, normal with our events.   Our club members are appreciated working with us through this whole thing, keeping the social distancing as they call it, at weigh-ins.  It has been a challenging year to say the least and I feel we have done our best to work thru this and keep our club members going.  Will life ever go back to as it was?  Probably close, but not completely.  What will change in the future, we don't know.  All I know is that we will continue to run our club the best we can, keep ya'll on the water and having a good time.  

Fort Cobb... of Fort Cobb, lol.  Some weren't excited about this vote back in December and more weren't happy the closer it got.  We know a few didn't come because of the lake choice.  It was voted in and unless something else came up, we technically could not change it.  We changed lakes (not dates as per the rules) because of floods and our permits being cancelled.  We have done what we could when allowed to keep our schedule in tact, other than bad info we received in March (which led to cancelling our event) and Arbuckle cancelling our permit, we limited to a certain number of teams, not allowing new teams in as we are all comforable with each other.  

We had 16 teams, which honestly, is more than I thought we would considering the chatter at Texoma.  Thank you for showing up!

It was a tough day for many, and good day for the rest.  Per the rules, the leadership decided to shorten the day and we could have just lowered the limit also, we chose to all the club to vote on the limit - either staying with the 5 fish or going to a 3 fish limit.  The club voted for the 3 fish, which really ended up being the best thing.   Of 16 teams, 8 teams weighed in at least 1 fish, the other 8 teams, well, we had big goose-eggs.  Was a tough day.  But if you could find them... it was great.

Thank you to our loyal teams with sticking with us.  We look forward to Eufaula in September, our final event before the Championship.  Final chance to get vital points. 

Stay safe, enjoy the outdoors.  We will see you soon.