New Year 2017

January 01, 2017

An interesting start to the year as always!  Tough time getting the Arbuckle permit again, so we swapped Arbuckle and Eufaula.  This also works out to help with any teams wishing to fish the NSF Qualifiers.  Our tournaments line up with the first two, however the third is our Arbuckle tournament.. and they are at Hudson.  So you can fish Aruckle and head up to hudson for one day if you still need one good score.  Or you can choose to fish both days at hudson and not come to Arbuckle.  Totally up to you.

The membership form has been updated.  And if you are planning on fishing the NSF Qualifiers or FLW tournaments... I need your membership forms ASAP.  Check out the forms tab and you will find the updated sheet there.

the top 6 falls on top of our murray tournament and doesn't allow us to follow our rules, so we'll have to see who qualifies and who would want to travel to grand lake instead of fishing murray.  if nobody wants to go, totally understandable!  

if you have questions about anything, please let us know and we will do our best to make corrections or explain anything.

wishing you much fishing success this year!!