December 2018 - annual meeting

December 04, 2018

Happy almost 2019!!

A quick rundown of the annual meeting - 

17 eligible to vote
1 guest
President and Secretary

It's official - Bryan Howard is now our Tournament Director by vote
Paul Thomas will continue to be on-site "assistant" to get all the money counted for the payouts

Rule update: Description of a "spotted bass".  Must have a ROUGH TONGUE PATCH to be considered a "spot".  If there is a dispute with the TD, then the president can step in. If this does not resolve the matter, final step is a long-time member will be brought in.  If still not resolved, the fish will be disqualified.

Fees are not going up this year.  FLW fees are going up to $75 - so for only $60 - you can get an FLW membership, TBF membership (to fish all state level events) and the Chickasha Bassmasters membership.  Seems like a great deal to me!

I'm working on permits this week - what I can tell you - you will shocked (most likely) about the championship lake.  We have 7 different lakes for a total of 11 tournament days plus the championship.  There are 5 2-day weekends and 1 single day.

Happy holidays to everyone, may you have a safe and happy new year!!